This document draws upon the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for Educational Interpreters of Spoken Language that was developed over the span of five years by the University of Minnesota Program on Translation and Interpreting and the Minnesota Department of Education with support from grant #H323A100010 from the Office of Special Education Programs at the U.S. Department of Education, We appreciate the Minnesota Department of Education and the National Code of Ethics for Interpreters in Health Care (NCIHC 2005) for providing the initial framework for these nationally vetted standards for educational translators and spoken language interpreters. Our special thanks to the National Accreditation of Educational Translators and Interpreters of Spoken Languages (NAETISL) Board of Directors, Standards and Best Practices Standing Committee Coordinators, and the University of Georgia Faculty for providing guidance on survey development and data analysis, along with insightful recommendations and feedback.  

This is intended to be a living document, providing in-depth explanations and examples that reflect our common experiences as professionals in education settings. We envision a framework where stakeholders will continuously share examples of the Code in practice to establish a collective understanding of the standards, qualifications and accreditation requirements for educational translators and interpreters of spoken languages. NAETISL and its Standards and Best Practices Committee will continue to seek and review stakeholder feedback and will update the Code of Ethics accordingly. Examples, case scenarios and suggestions specific to the NAETISL Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice can be sent to: 

National Code of Ethics and Standards Review Committee

  • Ana Soler, BSW, MPH  | UGA Mary Frances Early College of Education, Department of Communication Sciences and Special Education | Doctoral Student, NAETISL Chairperson  
  • John Botero, BA, MPA   | Program Manager of the Office of Court Professionals for the Judicial Council, Administrative Office of the Courts, NAETISL Vice-Chair  
  • Elizabeth Campos Hamilton | Disability Rights Advocate & Professional Educational Interpreter, NAETISL Board Member  
  • Elizabeth Watkins   | State Specialist for English Learners with Disabilities, Minnesota Department of Education, NAETISL Secretary  
  • Jessica Sanchez   | Educational Translator and Interpreter - Spanish (Arkansas Bilingual Interpreter Credentialed in Education), NAETISL Treasurer  
  • Mei Yan Lin | Educational Interpreter/Translator - Mandarin, Certified Parent Educator, Physician, NAETISL Board Member  
  • Maria Leyva | Bilingual Paraeducator and Library Technician, NAETISL Board Member  
  • Flor Castellanos, M.A. | Educational Psychology, NAETISL Board Member  
  • Dr. Jennifer Pendergrass | ES ESOL Teacher & Coordinator of ESOL Professional Learning, NAETISL Board Member  
  • Abel Unzueta | Special Education Paraeducator, NAETISL Board Member  
  • Dr. Rita Brusca-Vega   | Professor Emeritus at Purdue University Northwest, NAETISL Board Member  
  • Asako Akai Ferguson | Parent, Japanese Interpreter/Translator (Medical and Educational)  
  • Brenda Reynolds, M.S. | Welcome the Children Project Director, Partners for Inclusive Communities, University of Arkansas  
  • Lori Nguyen | Member, National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC); Vietnamese Interpreter/Translator  
  • Nguessan Felicite Acho  | Parent, Educational Interpreter/Translator – French, Baoule, Agni  
  • Inés Lucia Montoya de Ballesteros  | Special Education Teacher – Retired, Educational Interpreter/Translator  
  • María Alicia Calzado Aguilera  | Independent Medical and Educational Interpreter – Spanish (UGA Professional Interpreter in Education Certificate)  
  • Dr. Rhonda D. Miller   | Assistant Professor of Special Education at Coastal Carolina University, Educational Interpreter (UGA Professional Interpreter in Education)  
  • Rui Xue | Teacher, Parent and English Learner (UGA Professional Interpreter in Education Certificate - Chinese)  
  • FengXia Lin | Member, American Translators Association, Mandarin Interpreter/Translator  
  • Khadija Sheikh | Parent and Arabic Interpreter/Translator  
  • Zulma Nino, M.A., Ed. S. | Interpreter and Bilingual Community Liaison 
  • Lourdes A. Guillian-Ortiz  | Trilingual Interpreter (Sign Language-Spanish-English)  
  • Dr. Gloria Torres-Hunter | Member, National Association of School Psychologists  
  • Dr. Ahmed Nader | ESOL Lead Teacher, Arabic Interpreter/Translator